Awnings FAQ


Average sized awnings are easy to operate, however those larger than 4 metres wide can be difficult to retract manually in windy conditions due to the tension on the springs. For this reason and for the sake of convenience, it is much easier to simply push a button to open or close your awning. Motorisation also allows you to stop the awning at any point of opening or closing for ultimate control of light or shade all day long. They consume very little electricity, are very reliable and with the tubular motors being completely concealed within the cassette they are further protected from the elements, increasing their reliability.

We use a wide range of standard and specially made heavy duty brackets to overcome obstructions such as guttering and down pipes. These brackets allow us to position the awning exactly where it is required. They are available in white or brown as standard to match the awning casing colour or can be specially ordered in a range of RAL colours.

Yes, in light rain only unless we have installed an awning specifically designed for heavier wet weather use. Light rain will easily run off the front edge of the awning without a problem, but in heavy rain it sometimes has a tendency to pool if the pitch (slope angle) is not steep enough. This puts undue stress on the fixings and arms. Please remember, if you retract the awning when it is wet it must be opened to allow it to dry as soon as the rain has stopped.

Yes. It’s a very quick and easy job to remove the front valance for winter. Once removed and dried it should be rolled-up and stored in a dry place until the spring/summer months.

All of the professional range awnings sold by us can be made available for DIY installation if you wish. However, you should note the following: –

  • Awnings are heavy and always require at least 2 people to lift them into position on the building.
  • They need appropriate tools and proper access equipment to ensure safety during installation, especially when they are fitted high up.
  • They also contain very powerful springs which without proper understanding can be dangerous if handled incorrectly.
  • Most of our professional range awnings are only available in custom sizes, for your peace of mind they really need the detailed knowledge and accurate measuring that one of our trained representatives can provide.
  • We can only offer the above service as part of our supply and fit packages, so to cover the demand and avoid you making an expensive mistake with a custom made product, we offer a standard range of sizes for DIY installation