Shutters By Style

A Shutter Solution For Any Room

Cafe Style Shutters

Only the lower part of window is covered giving a continental feel to your home. Cafe style shutters are ideal for ground level properties as they maximise light whilst again providing privacy. Cafe style shutters add real character to your windows and are a particularly attractive addition to period propeCafe style shutters originated from French cafe’s where diners wanted some privacy from the busy Parisian streets however, still wanted to enjoy the view. Since then, the internal shutters have become popular choice for traditional homes in Spain and France and has trended overseas to the UK where installations are now common in new builds, country cottages and historic Victorian and Edwardian homes.rties.


Tier On Tier Shutters

Designed so that the top and bottom shutters work independently of each other to allow versatility in terms of privacy and light control. The bottom panels can be closed for privacy and the top folded open to let light and air filter into the room.

Tier on tier shutters also known as double hung are a hybrid of full height and cafe style shutters. This allows you to have total control over light and privacy.
There are two shutters per window, meaning that the top and bottom shutters are able to be folded opened and closed independently. Top and bottom louvres are also able to be adjusted in silo.

Solid Shutters

Give the option of complete seclusion, shutting out light and noise whenever you need tranquillity and peace. Solid shutters provide a traditional finish and have been used extensively over the last couple of centuries in the UK. For optimum coverage on windows or glass doors chose a solid panel bottom with a louvre panelled top section.

Solid shutters were popular in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian houses. They offer a more traditional solution for windows, doors, free-standing screens and room dividers.
Solid shutters differ from Louvre shutters as they can be open to access the full window, or closed to black out the light. Choose from single panels or hinge together panels so they concertina or z fold against each other.

Solid shutters can be made in full height, tier on tier and cafe styles to fit your needs.


Tracked Shutters

Tracked shutters are ideal for french, patio doors or if your windows start at floor height. Woody’s handcraft your shutters to effortlessly glide along two tracks at the bottom and top of the shutters. Bi-fold shutters can be folded back along the track to the sides of the window whereas bi-pass shutters slide in front or behind each other.

Tracked shutters are designed to cover wide window coverings or installed as room dividers. The shutters are secured on a top and bottom track to assist with weight distribution so that fixings do not warp under weight. There are two types of opening mechanisms.

  • Bi-fold – The shutters concertina fold in a zigzag motion to the side of the window.
  • Bi-pass – The shutters pass behind one another at the side of the window.
Speak to our experienced fitter at your appointment to discuss which option suits your needs.

Shaped Shutters

Our range of bespoke shaped shutters assists to enhance the beauty of any architectural window feature. Even the most unusual window shapes can be catered for within the Acorn Shutter range. We can provide an effective and striking solution to curved or angled window shapes where many other window coverings fail. At Acorn Shutters we take great care to ensure that these bespoke shutters are manufactured precisely to give the best possible fit.